This hotel was the stand out surprise of our recent trip to Chile. After reading all the reviews of this hotel, needless to say we were not expecting much from the stay. Despite the reviews, we choose this hotel for the convenience of its location, which would be hard to be beaten and am so happy we did.

The Location

The hotel is a 2 hour drive from Puerto Natales and at the starting point of the W hike or a day hike to the Base of Torres.

It is possible to organise a transfer with Las Torres from El Calafate, Argentina or Puerto Natales. This transfer is included if you opt for the all inclusive option or you can pay additionally if staying on a B & B rate. Alternatively you can travel by public bus from Puerto Natales to the administration building, before changing to a scheduled Las Torres bus for the final journey to the hotel.

It is worth noting the drive from El Calafate is advertised as around a 5 hour journey commencing at 7am. The actual drive time may only be 5 hours – however expect to spend around 2-3 hours at the border as you leave Argentina. NOTE: There are no bathrooms at this border post!!

Accommodation in Patagonia, Chile

The Hotel

The hotel is an unusual layout with many different buildings spread out over a few hundred metres. The reception and bar areas are located in the centre of the buildings, with the rooms fanning out in either direction from the reception area. There is also an on site spa for you to relax away your pain for the days activities.

Don’t expect cell phone reception whilst you here – there is no coverage at the hotel or anywhere in the park. The hotel does have satellite wifi which is slow but usable. Wifi is not available in the guest rooms and is limited to the restaurant, bar, reception and common areas.

Hotel Las Torres, Patagonia Chile

The Rooms

The rooms are cozy and warm – whilst not overly luxurious they are certainly comfortable. The rooms are bright and have large windows for you to look over the surrounding area. The hotel has a number of different rooms types from standard twin rooms to suites. It is worth noting that the majority of the rooms in this hotel are twin types so if this is a problem for you make sure you book one of the more expensive double room.

The room had a shower/bath combo which was nice to be able to relax in the bath after a long day hiking. Towels and bathroom amenities are provided.

Hotel Las Torres Patagonia Chile

To all inclusive or not?

We did not opt for the all inclusive option. I feel this was a good choice – it was possible to purchase meals at a reasonable price though drinks were quite expensive. If you are planning to drink alot, you may get value out of the all inclusive package, however for us we could not justify the extreme price difference in the all inclusive package. The all inclusive package also does include a number of excursions which can be undertaken. If you do not choose the all inclusive, you will not miss out, you just need to pay additional for the excursions.

Hotel Las Torres Patagonia Chile

The Staff

The staff are truly what made our stay. During our stay my husband injured his ankle on a day hike. The hotel organised a horse for each of us to get my husband down from the mountain, provided a paramedic to assess the injury and even organised a driver to take us to the hospital 2 hours away. Upon return they organised a meal for us (even though the kitchen was closed), made calls to the medics and were just generally amazing!

The Food

The food at this hotel was a pleasant surprise. Breakfast consisted of a buffet with plenty of different options to choose from, lunch could either be taken at the hotel or if heading out for the day the hotel can provide a packed lunch and dinner could be eaten either in the restaurant or at the bar.

The bar provided great snack and meal options and we preferred to dine here during our stay. The bar was beautifully decorated with the option of tables and lounges with a view of the surrounding mountains. There was a fire within the bar which was great a great place to keep warm if you are after a lazy evening.

Hotel Las Torres Patagonia Chile


The hotel offers many different excursions for guests during their stay. If you are staying on an all inclusive rate all activities will be included. If you are staying on a B&B rate, you can still participate in the activities on a pay per activity basis. We did not participate in any of the excursions so cannot comment on good the excursion is.

Hotel Las Torres Patagonia Chile

Overall, this hotel is a great choice if you are looking to explore Torres del Paine and do not wish to camp. I have fond memories and would certainly return again.