Despite the fear I felt in the weeks leading up to the flight, I was determined to go through with the paragliding flight. Not only is Switzerland one of my favourite countries, Interlaken is truly beautiful and surrounded by two different lakes. This made it the perfect place to experience paragliding for the first time.

Who to fly with?

After much research I decided to go with Paragliding Interlaken. They have operated in the area for the past 26 years and have an excellent safety record (which as a terrified first timer it was very important). After checking in at the Interlaken main office, the group was transported about 20 minutes up to Beatenburg where the flight would commence.

Paragliding Interlaken

The Lead Up

During the van ride, we were introduced to the instructors, run through safety announcements and any questions were answered. The relaxed nature and friendliness of the instructors of Paragliding Interlaken helped put my mind at ease. Once we arrived at the jump location by road, it was a couple of minute walk through the forest to the actual spot where we would run off the mountain.

Paragliding Interlaken

The paragliding gear was laid out, I was fitted to my instructor in the harass, checked and double checked and then we were ready to go. Timo (the instructor) told me to run and run I did. The most terrifying moment for me came as soon as my feet lifted from the ground and we were up in the air. I had thought the worst part for me would be running off the mountain, surprisingly this part was incredibly easy.

Paragliding Interlaken


Paragliding Interlaken

The Flight

When we were airborne, I was truly terrified. Lucky Timo was strapped to me and talked me through the experience. His advice, don’t look down, look at the horizon. I can’t thank him enough for those words. I was so terrified I could barely breathe.

Paragliding interlaken

The face says it all – truly terrified

Paragliding Interlaken




Paragliding Interlaken - view from above

After a further few minutes I eventually calmed down and was able to really enjoy the flight. Lucky for me the weather was perfect and the scenery just stunning. After approx. 15 minutes in the air, I was back safely on solid land and ready to do it all again!!



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