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What are 3 things you can’t miss when visiting Prague?  

The Charles Bridge, astronomical clock and Prague castle are must sees on any visit to this city.

Where are the best places to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Prague? 

Breakfast in Café Neudstat, lunch in Bageterie Boulevard, dinner in Potrefená Husa

Where to go for the best coffee? 

I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but I’d go for Mama coffee (couple of places around the city centre, easy to find on the internet), Café Neudstat (between Karlovo náměstí and Lazarská) and Periferie Café in Bráník (a bit further from the city centre).

Best ways to get around? Are there any tricks to using public transport? 

Public transport! Easy and cheap! If you are coming for a week or more, check the prices for a monthly ticket, it might be a cheap option for you!

Are there any events that visitors should know about or visit? eg. markets, sporting events, festivals.

If visiting in Autumn, look for wine and pre-wine (burčák) festivals near the Prague castle, in Winter visit Christmas market in the Old town square, spend spring in Petřín gardens and chill with beer on Náplavka in summer 🙂 Look for a signal festival on the internet too, it can be anytime of the year.

Where is the best area to stay? What makes this area great. 

Obviously city centre, easy to go anywhere, but if you find anything near the tube, you should be fine and Its gonna be cheaper!

Where are the 3 of the best photo opportunity spots?

Petřín Tower, Old town square, Prague castle and I have one hidden gem for you if you have more time – Branické skály. Its beautiful, calm and no tourists around!

Best day trips to take from the city? 

Probably Kutná Hora, not too far from Prague, full of things to do and see. But my personal favourite, where no one tells you to go is Průhonický park. Basically village inside of Prague with amazing park, botanical gardens, lakes and a castle.

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