Path of the Gods

Views over Positano

Path of the Gods – The Hike

The Path of the Gods (or Sentiero degli Dei) is a pathway which links the tiny village of Agerola to Nocelle. The hike is 7.8km and will take approx 3 hours to complete. It offers stunning views over the surrounding area and is great exercise. The hike coming from Bomerano is relatively easy (even for an unfit person like me) and is very enjoyable.

Path of the gods

Leaving Boomerano

Where to start?

For best views and ease of hiking, the hike is best started in Bomerano. Bomerano can be reached by Sita bus from almost anywhere along the Amalfi Coast or alternatively you may hire a private driver to transfer you to the starting point.

We choose to use the Sita bus which took us from Positano to Bomerano via Amalfi to transfer buses. The Sita bus is easy and inexpensive to use costing us just 1.20 Euro each for the journey, compared to quotes of $100 Euro and above for the private transfer. Best place to check the timetable for the buses is here. If making an early start, make sure you purchase the bus ticket the day prior. You CANNOT purchase tickets on the bus.

From the bus stop, head towards the center of town, stop at the bakery for a quick coffee and some snacks. Then walk towards the main square and you will see a small street to the left. Follow this until you see the signs to commence the walk.

Alternatively, you can complete the hike in the opposite direction from Nocelle towards Bomerano although this would be significantly more challenging as it would be mostly uphill and tends to be where a lot more people start from.

Path of the gods

When to Go?

The hike is very very popular in the area and therefore getting an early start will give you the best experience with little crowds. We took the 6.10 bus from Positano which got us to Bomerano by 8am. At this time of day there was only one other person on the trail.

Path of the gods-5

Path of the gods-4

Getting back to Positano/ Sorrento

Once in Nocelle you can either choose to take the bus or continue walking all the way back to Positano. The walk from Nocelle to Positano will take at least one hour and involves descending over 1700 steps. You will think that the steps will never end – and this is going down – I cannot even imagine the pain of going up the stairs. For your efforts, you will be rewarded with an inability to walk properly for the next few days as your calves attempt to recover but beautiful views over Positano.

Beware – although the signs point down to Positano the path eventually ends on the main road. You have to walk alongside the road for at least a few hundred metres before eventually getting into Positano.

Path of the gods

Path of the Gods

Path of the Gods

Path of the Gods

Those views!

The Path of the Gods hike is an excellent choice while on the Amalfi Coast. You will not be disappointed by the views and satisfied by your efforts. Think of all the pizza and pasta you can eat guilt free after that accomplishment! Happy and safe travels xoxo