About Me

Hi I’m Lala

An Aussie girl with a serious need to travel the world!

I grew up in the Hunter Valley around 2 hours north of Sydney. This area itself is well and truly on the tourist path.

My desire to travel started early. My grandparents often took adventurous trips around the world and soon I wanted to as well. My first overseas trip took to me to the USA when I was 11. It wasn’t until my first overseas trip without my family when I was 18 that really sparked my desire to travel.

This lead me to study abroad in Canada where I lived for 18 months. On my return to Australia I travelled through Central and South America for 6 months. Since then I haven’t looked back. Always looking for new places to explore and new adventures to take.

I am currently working full-time to fund my restless feet (though I am sure my employer would question by full time status!). I travel as frequently as I can which also includes small adventures within Australia.

I have travelled to over 80 countries and counting. Though I don’t visit a country just to count it, I do hope to one day visit all 193 countries of the world.

I can’t wait to share my adventures with you. I hope these inspire you to see and experience the world.


Morocco profile pic

Big Ben adventures

Paragliding in Interlaken